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The so-called quarry of Abat



The project is dead and buried.


More than 2 months after the Prefet of Mayenne's decision refusing the demand for the deforestation of 45 ha in Grande Charnie with the aim of creating a quarry requested by the « Groupement Foncier Rural de la Lande Ronde », the Manager of the Group has accepted the decision and doesn't to continue. On his side, the Industrial («  Société des Carrières et Travaux de l‘Huisne ») which had at the same time deposited a dossier for the use of a quarry, has informed the Prefect that they have withdrawn their demand. Finally the Major of Torcé-Viviers en Charnie, M. Lodé has declared that for him the quarry project was dead and he didn't want to talk about it anymore.


To get there, we had 4 years of constant struggle, numerous procedures, consultations, investigations,, meetings, 155 depositions from elected people and unhabitants of Charnie during the public enquiry, a petition signed by 2000 persons, a writen argument of 50 pages by our Collective. A huge amount of work and energy has been used to bring about the withdrawn of the project. Everyone considered from the startof the project that it was harmful to the environnement. The decision of the Prefect of Mayenne establishes the inestimable value of the green gold of our forest.


The Collective warmly thanks the people who have supported ans trusted them and wants now to take on greater issues that confront the planet. In teh following weeks, the « Collectif pour la Sauvegarde du Massif Forestier de la Grande Charnie » will take initiatives the the other interested associations and effective authorities as well as elected persons in order to strengthen protective system of the forest and wet zones together with the fauna and flora and to provide administrative laws against such future projects.

November 9th 2009

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