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The re-opening of the hunt :
just never enough !

Hunt starts again in Sarthe and Mayenne on Sunday 25th of September at 9am. It’s a great opportunity to remind us of the abnormal privileges that hunters have been enjoying for ages despising the biological balance that most of our European neighbours respect.

1) France, record country
2) New tax shelter on its way for hunters
3) « Vermin » : Another French peculiarity

1) France, record country : Not a single day without hunting.
France is the only European Western country without a free hunting day. In July 2000, there was a time on Wednesday when Voynet’s law did manage to establish it, but it was abolished on the sly in 2003 by Roselyne Bachelot (Minister of Ecology at the time), to please her hunt friends from Maine et Loire region.

Neighbouring countries :

  • Hunt is forbidden on Sundays in Netherlands and United Kingdom.
  • In Spain, regions make their own rules : From 2 to 3 days per week at the most.
  • In Italy, 3 days of hunting in all the country.
  • In French-speaking Switzerland,3 days without hunt including Sunday in Neuchâtel, no hunt in Genève.

Another sad record : 30 million wild animals are killed each year on French territory only. For this reason, France wins the European medal. Amongst 100 million birds shot each year in Europe, 25 million are killed on French territory. Logically, again, France wins the Gold medal with the number of hunt accidents.

2) New tax shelter on its way for hunters
2 new law projects are actually « cooked up » at the National Assembly and the Senate which plans new tax shelters for hunters on one condition that they fit out their lands for hunting. In December 2008, a law was already voted to make tax free private hunts. What right had they ?

3) « Vermin » : The absurd list : Another French peculiarity.
Are you familiar with the list of animals found « vermin » by the authorities ? You will find 12 mammals and 6 birds.

Il y a 12 mammifères et 6 oiseaux.
Mammals Birds :
Weasel Coypu Rook
Raccoon dogMuskrat Carrion crow
Stone marten Raccoon Starling
Wild rabbit Fox Jay
MartenWild boar Magpie
Polecat American mink Ring dove

So question is : Why are they found « vermin » ? According to the law, it’s mainly because these animals might cause damages to human activities or biological balance. Human activities : meaning : Agriculture, forest, rivers. Obviously the so-called damages have to be « serious ». But, most of the prefectorial orders making their own list of « vermin » and do not justify their decision of any kind. The list is created at the Wildlife and Hunt Departmental Committee where hunters are in a majority. And Ngos have no right to give their opinion on that matter really. Their objection is that they protect wildlife, but hunters want to protect game instead, especially the one bred in captivity. Each year, 5000 game farming release in the wild 14 million pheasants, 5 million partridges and 120 000 hares. These animals are released in « hostile » wild territories. So, obviously, it’s compulsory to « get rid of » these predators which are a threat to these harmless game.

photo Fabrice Simon.

Why foxes are that essential.
How absurd is that indeed : Foxes can eat each year 5000 rodents, muskrats included and young coypus. Knowing that these rodents are fond of all sort of cereals… Many farmers are perfectly aware of the important role played by foxes in that matter and prefer to let them do his job instead of pouring poison or pesticides which would kill wildlife, ruin the soil and also themselves at the same time.

Badger : a particular case.
You’ll notice that badger is not one of the « vermin » list, it has got a special treatment. Prefects can sign orders which allow hunters to destroy them at certain time of the year, using the barbaric baiting method with trained dogs which eat them alive afterwards. It’s seldom proved that badgers cause serious damage to crops.

Conclusion : if the preservation of the biological balance was the main concern of the legislator, then he would let nature do its job because it knows perfectly well how to do it. .

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