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logo Collectif The Collective recieves the Orchid Award.


The "Collectif pour la sauvegarde du massif forestier de la grande Charnie" recieves an award.


Every year the association Mayenne Nature Environnement distributes a distinction, namely the Orchid Award, in order to highlight significant actions for the environment. This year, among the 3 laureates, there is the Collective for its actions against the Abat's quarry project in the forest of Grande Charnie. Recall that this fight has begun on 2004 with the association ADEPEC (Sainte-Suzanne). Later (2007) ADEPEC has initiated the creation of the Collective. Many years of work are thus distinguished. The ceremony by itself will be held on May 7th 2010 in the city of Laval.

The other laureates are respectively

  • the association Entre Taude et Bellebranche for winning against the society Lafarge for its project of quarry near the forest of Bellebranche,
  • the association Jamais de porcherie à Arquenay which prevent the installation of an enormous pig farm (1200 sows).
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