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Report on the general assembly held on 04/04/2009

General assembly of « Charnie environnement » association

Our association reaffirms its opposition to any quarry in the land of Charnie

4 Avril 2009 salle Chauvelier Chemiré en Charnie

Common general assembly


The president of the association opens the session at precisely 6 pm ; he thanks the assistants for being so numerous, ponctual, attentive and motivated. He presents the agenda and announces that at the conclusion of the common general assembly there would be an extraordinary meeting of the assembly bringing technical modifications to the statutes of the association. He reminds everyone that one of the objectives of the association is to fight against the quarry project in Grande Charnie forest, the so-called « Projet de l'Abat » because of the environmental pollution that such a project would bring. He then asks the secretary to give an assessment of the past year.


Phto of the assembly


The secretary gives a history of the activities of the association since its creation on February 7th 2008. He reminds everyone of the statutes as well as its registration to the Official Journal on March 8th 2008 and its first general assembly on March 29th 2008 in the same premises.

He states in particular contacts taken with the association « Pour vivre sans décharge » (lliving without rubbish) settled in Bouloire canton, with two hydrogeologists specializing in studying the impact with professor Lefeuvre, an emeritus Professor at the Natural History Museum and the president of the representatives to the big meeting organized last November by the UNICEM (National Union of the Industries of Quarries and building materials). This meeting allowed us to know the strategy of the UNICEM concerning the quarry, advancing some positive results such as the reappearance of certain animal species but strangely limited towards what must be biodiversity.

To end the secretary evokes the classification of lots of roads which are the property of Chemiré en Charnie in the PDIPR (Departmental Plan for Walking and Riding roads) by the General Council, initiative led diligently by Chemiré en Charnie Municipality Concil, and in addition the refusal of the General Coucil to authorize the exit trucks of aggregates on the secondary road D4 for evident reasons of safety. « Charnie Environment » thinks that the initiatives made by its committee with several elected representatives, in particular Mme Labrette-Ménager and M. Drouin have influenced this decision.

The treasurer makes a summary of the financial balance sheet (179 members in 2008) with a positive credit balance of 540 euros on the day of the general assembly ; this balance does not take into account the contributions still to come in 2009.

The president then lets Chemiré en Charnie mayor announce the elaboration of a P.L.U (Land Use Plan) in the municipality : a public meeting about the subject is planned on April 17th at 8 pm in « Salle Chauvelier ».

In addition « Charnie Environnement » has joined with two others associations to commemorate the 900th anniversary of Etival Abbey on October 10th and 11th 2009.

The moment of the debate comes then :

the assembly asks for clarifications about the article 311 of the Forest Code which indicates that the demand of clearing can be refused if one or more streams flow across the quarry site.

The meeting was marked by the intervention of the guard of one of the waterside forest owners who disapproves the quarry project because it is dangerous for the environment ; in particular dust would affect hundreds hectares of trees as well as animals.

The possibility of legal action was evoked. In the question of the financing of such an action the committee answers that the Association has begun to mobilize resources for this eventuality.

The moral and financial report is unanimously adopted.


Extraordinary assembly

Photo du bureau The extraordinary Assembly is motivated by the need to modify two articles of the satutes. After discussion the Assembly decides unanimously :

1º) to add this paragraph in the article 2 : 4º « Ester en justice devant l'ensemble de juridictions civiles ou administratives existantes nationales, communautaires et internationales ».

2º) to modify the article 8 in order to extend the number of members on the Commitee from 5 to 7. The new committee is composed as follows :

President Alain Basecq
Secretary Laurent Desprez
Treasurer Fabienne Ahier
Other members Roland Ahier
Philippe Grégoire
Mikaël Garreau
Jean-Marie Vanherpe
The agenda being finished, the session is ended at 7:30 pm.
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