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Jean-Louis Borloo in front of hunting victims



A petition of 251,667 signatures demandiing the forbidding of hunting on Sundays was presented on the 10th February 2010 to Jean-Louis Borloo (Minister of Ecology in the French government) by Pierre Anathase (president of ASPAS*) and Bernard Barrel representing the MJC (Mouvement of the Young Catholics) and a friend of a cyclist killed by a hunter, in the presence of Alain Bougrain Dubourg president of LPO (Ligue of Protection of Birds). The ASPAS is waiting now for concreate measures to provide equal access to the country side.


Every year in France, the hunt is the cause of dozens of accidents, and many of which are severe and even fatal. It is certainly the only leasure activity that injures or kills each year dozens of non participants of the activity in question !

The majority of hunting accidents take place on Sundays when lots of people are outdoors to participate to activities such as walking, biking, canoing, horse riding, observing nature, collecting mushrooms or simply strolling with the family.


France is the only country that allows hunting every day of the week ! It is the country where there are the most hunting accidents.

Nevertheless this leasure activity is more and more deregulated. In December 2008 the " Poniatowski " law suppressed the small reference regarding hunting security which remained in the french law. Then hunting has become an irresponsible activity en France as well as it is the most dangerous.


On Wednesday 10th February 2010, the ASPAS has proposed to the Minister of Ecology and to Jerôme Bignon (President of the National Hunting at the National Assembly) :

  • Firstly : on Sundays, the day of week when most people are outdoors, hunting should be forbidden.
  • Secondly : the presidents of the hunting societies and federations must be legally responsable in case of accident in the same way as the organisations are responsable for competitions, rallyes and races. This impunity allows the present freedom and increases the number of hunting accidents.
  • Thirdly : the security measures must be the same of all the french departements. Which is not currently the case !


Supported by numerous leasure associations and victims families, the ASPAS hopes that all those measures could be rapidly implemented so that country pursuits can be made more safe. The ASPAS and its partners associations will stay very mobilized on the subject of security. We are waiting for a quick result form the Minister of Ecology.


* : ASPAS : Association pour la Protection des Animaux Sauvages - Membre du Bureau Européen de l’Environnement - Bruxelles
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