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logo Collectif A walk in the forest on July the 4th.


The "Collectif pour la sauvegarde du massif forestier de la grande Charnie" organizes a walk in the forest together with Alain Persuy.


Near the manifestation "Planète en Fête" in Sainte-Suzanne on July the 3th and 4th 2010 the Collective proposes to visit the forest uner the comments of Alain Persuy expert in forest and ecology. The total number or participants cannot exceed 20. Please contact us from this site or send an email to if you are interested.


Fees: 4 euros.

Rendez-vous : 10 AM parking Sacré-Coeur in Torcé-Viviers.

Recall that on Sunday afternoon (14h30 PM) Alain Persuy will give a Conference in Sainte-Suzanne during the manifestation "Planète en Fête".

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