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History of the project 'Quarry of Abat'

History of the project quarry of Abat

2002 : Project to establish a "land use plan" (PLU: Plan Local d'Urbanisme) in the territory of the municipality "Torcé-Viviers en Charnie".
2003 : Sale of 50 ha of forest by Groupama to the "Groupement Forestier de la Lande Ronde".
2006 : Proposition of modification of the zoning of the "land use plan" to amend of zone NP (protected) in zone NC (possible industrial undertaking concern) for 100 ha of forest.
November 2006 : 4 associations, namely :
  • « Mayenne Nature Environnement »
  • « Association de Défense de l'Environnement et du Patrimoine de l'Erve et de la Charnie »
  • « Neuvillette Environnement et Vie Rurale »
  • and later, when created in 2008, « Charnie Environnement »

form the « Collectif pour la Sauvegarde de la Forêt de Grande Charnie » (Society for the Preservation of Grande Charnie Forest). Other associations support the Collective without formaly subscribing to it


1st Décember 2006 : The City Council of Torcé-Viviers in Charnie approves a zone NC of 50 ha in the heart of the Grande Charnie forest.


28 january 2007 : Protest march in the municipality of Torcé-Viviers en Charnie on the initiative of the Collective.


In the year 2007 or 2008 : Rejection of the project of land use plan by the City Council of Torcé-Viviers in Charnie, pleaded that the environmental impact would be too great.


5 October 2007 : Deposit of a demand of authorization of the " quarry of Abat " in Prefecture of Mayenne.


April 2008 : The municipality of Torcé-Viviers en Charnie proposes to the associations and neighboring mayors a " Dialogue on the quarry project ". Our collective refuses to participate in such a dialogue which would only aim at discussing small issues, and not the heart of the project. The mayors of Neuvillette en Charnie and Chemiré en Charnie (approved by their councils) also rejected this consultation.


May to October 2008 : 4 workshops of dialogue.


22 june 2008 : Demonstration of 500 persons in Torcé-Viviers en Charnie on the initiative of the collective.


09 November 2008 : The City Council of Torcé-Viviers en Charnie approves the results of the April 2008 dialogue.


The end of 2008 : New deposit in prefecture of a demand of authorization of the quarry project.


February 2009 : The mayor of Torcé-Viviers in Charnie informs his council of the fact that the results of the dialogue cannot be taken into account by the services of the State, because this procedure is not statutory.


June 22th 2009 to July 22th 2009 : Public Inquiry in the city hall of Torcé-Viviers en Charnie.


9 August 2009 : Unfavorable opinion from the inquiry committe.


28 August 2009 : Unfavorable decision from the Prefect.


28 October 2009 : The delay to continue the procedure has expired.


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