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No dump at «Bois des Loges».



"Bois des Loges", it is a site located on the small city called Beuvraignes, in the departement of Somme in the north of France. There is a project to store there a dump, also called "waste burying facility". The project was initiated by the deputy of the district and presented by Onyx Valnor, a subsidiary compagny of Véolia.


  • as for the project of Abat with Étival's chapel, «Bois de Loges» is an historical site where numerous soldiers died during the First World War ;
  • as for the project of Abat, the site lies near the border line between two départements, Somme and Oise ;
  • as for the project of Abat, the city which owns the site (Beuvraignes) agrees with the project and expects financial effects ;
  • as for the project of Abat, the nearby cities do not agree, they will be subjected to all the nuisances ;
  • as for the project of Abat, 33 hectares of forest have to be cleared;
  • as for the project of Abat, residents associations and a Collective (« Sauvons le bois des Loges ») are created in order to fight against the project;
  • as for the project of Abat, the opponents won, after 8 years of legal contest,the law court definitively forbid the project on August 2010.


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