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« Charnie-Environnement »


Our symbol is the red squirrel.


We are nature lovers and we live in the country ; we see many attacks on the environnement. So in February 2008, we decided to create an association. When we realize that in 2007, for our own country, there were 57,000 police reports of acts on environnement, we tremble... Never in the history of the world has life on earth been so threatened. There are many different reasons for agression : for example, there is endemic pollution from domestic industrial and vehicular emissions which is the consequence of progress and overpopulation. There are acts of agression that can be qualified as deliberate because of man's bad behaviour in the pursuit of profit, such as the quarrying project in the forest of the "grande Charnie" which focuses our attention. Our first preoccupation is to watch over the preservation of the biodiversity of the surroundings.


In particular, thousands of animals and plant species are threatened to die out in the next ten years. We are especially concerned for a small mammal loved by everybody (children and adults alike) : the red squirrel which we do not dream would die out. Classified as a vulnerable species in France as in Europe, it is now on the International Union for Nature Conservation's red list.

The decline of this small mammal is not only due to the expension of the grey squirrel, which is the dominant species, but also to the deforestation : urbanisation and cultivation of large areas of forest. Having lost it's habitat, the squirrel is forced to live on the ground and then becomes the prey to predators and road traffic.

That is why it is so important to conserve the integrity of our forest heritage. And « Charnie Environnement » has chosen the red squirrel for an emblem. We'll do all we can to increase public awareness of its preservation. You can already act for it. (see opposite). But we are also concerned for every animal or plant : we are interested in all of them. We'll defend the badger and lots of threatened species. The important thing for us is respecting the biodiversity.


Act for the red squirrel


In order to save the red squirrel a large repartition survey has been decided by both the "Museumd'Histoire Naturelle" and the "Office National des forêts" to take stock of their habitat, their populations and the threat on their species. This survey is about to be completed. It is not only for specialists. Everybody having seen squirrels is asked to share his/her information. You can be part of this survey by writing to this address :

You just have to indicate the villages where you have seen a red squirrel since 2005, the name of the district , the years you saw them and your eventual remarks.


Act for the bees


« When the last bee will be dead, mankind will have 4 years left before dying. »

Albert Einstein


Thanks to the pollination of plants, bees contribute to 10 % of the world food production. From which it is necessary to protect bees and their ecosystem.


Respect of animal and vegetal life.


A great indian chief speaking

« Regard, brothers and sisters, it is spring-time. The Earth has received kisses from the Sun and soon we'll see the fruits of this love. Every seed is awoken as every living animal. It is this mysterious power that sustains our existence. That is why we must give to our neighbors, including our animal neighbors, the equal right to inherit this Earth. » 


Sitting Bull, the Sioux indian Chief Hunkpapa
by Dominique Guillet
Éditions La Voix des semences

For the biodiversity


The destruction of nature is the destruction of humanity.

« Mankind's rights stop when they threaten other species of life »

Claude Lévi-Strauss


Humanity has devastated the diversity, not only the cultural diversity but also the biological one, by making lots of animal and plant species disappear.

No doubt that humanity has caused these diappearances and now their effects turn against men.

The only opportunity given to human beings would be to become aware that being their own victim, puts them on the same level with the other forms of life which they have destroyed and continue to do so.

If a human being has primarely a right to live, it means that this right due to mankind as a species find its natural limits in regard to the other species rights. Human beings'rights stop when their ways of working threaten others species existence.

The right of living and having free expansion of living species which still exist on earth is the only one which is the only fundamental right for the very simple reason that any endangered species creates an empty space that cannot be filled on a human scale in the creation process.

Only this way of considering mankind (as a species among others) would be supported unanimously by the consenting civilisations on earth.


C. L-S.


An ethnologist's lessons.

Written in the french newpaper "le Nouvel Observateur" June 9th 2005


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