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Saint Denis's quarry, decison of the commissioner

SECOND QUARRY of St Denis d’Orques.  :

Investigating commissionner’s advice : Unfavourable.


The investigating commissionner who has studied the file proposed by SA Voutré asking for the opening of a quarry at Montmartin locality has given his answer which is : Unfavourable. « The locality of Montmartin offers a favourable environment for an opening of a quarry », has written the investigating commissionner, but, « the opening of the buidling site of the fast train LGV, (around 4 years), does not justify a quarry in activity for a period of 30 years. »

Our opinion :
The group of NGOs fighting for the safeguarding of the forests of Grande Charnie deplore the fact that all the environmental reservations about this file and the observations on the heavy road traffic which would double in such an opening, have been all impugned by the investigating commissioner. Finally, we emphasize that the possibility of the destruction of 64 hectares ( 1hectare= 2,47 acres) of land didn’t seem to upset the investigating commissionner.

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