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About us

« Charnie Environnement » association


Why have we created an association ?

The « Charnie Environnement » association was created on February 7th 2008 it's aim is : saveguarding the natural surroundings and the biodiversity of the forests of Charnie and their neighbourhood.

There are two forests of Charnie : a large area mainly situated in Mayenne called the « grande Charnie » divided into private domains and a smaller one in Sarthe called the « petite Charnie » which belongs to the French State and where people can go walking and collect mushrooms... They are both linked to history and their inestimable diversity of animal and plant species which are threaten with disappearance.

The association has its setting in « Chemiré en Charnie », a small village in Sarthe situated between the two forests. We have decided to keep a close eye, even to prevent the implemention of projects which could damage the forest environment and biodiversity and one of these focuses our attention now : the quarry project of l'« Abat » which is in hand.


A logo full of symbols

The logo of our association represents an oak leaf (the symbol of the forest itself) the veins of which (painted blue) symbolize the streams which flow throuh the forest. A big spot coloured brown, the autumn colour, calls the project of l'Abat in mind which would be settled in the heart of the forest regardless of animal and plant life and streams. Graduated greens insist on the forest relief ; graduated blues, very clear at the spring become darker and darker as we go through the quarry space in order to show the polluting angle of the project. Another symbol of our association is the red squirrel.


The community for the protection of the forest of Grande Charnie

« Charnie Environnement » also works within a community which gathers four associations together having the same purpose : the protection of the forest of Grande Charnie. Two associations are in Mayenne : M.N.E (Mayenne Nature Environnement) and A.D.E.P.E.C (Association pour la Défense de l'Environnement et du Patrimoine d'Evre et de Charnie) ; the other ones « Charnie Environnement » and A.N.E.V.R (Association Neuvillette Environnement et Vie Rurale) are in Sarthe.


If you want to join us

The annual contribution is : 7 euros per person or 10 euros per couple. Just send us a letter or contact directly the Association or one of its members the association directly or any member of the office.


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