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The so-called quarry of Abat


On the 28th August 2009, the Prefet of Mayenne made his decision concerning the application for the deforestation of 45ha by the “Groupement forestier de la Lande Ronde” (GFLR) with the view to opening a quarry in the Grande Charnie forest in the area of the Abat. The prefectural decision is clear and precise : supporting the fundamental references that the CSMFGC put forward in their submission to the enquiry. The quarry project must be stopped to protect the water sources, their quality and the biological balance of the forest. The prefectural decision completely agrees with the aims of the G.E and its respect for the biodiversity, taking into account the environmental classifications of the forest of Charnie and of zones bordering the street, classified in ZNIEFF 1 and 2 and Natura 2001. The order admits the existence of animal and plant species which are interdependent in the forest habitat and also protected species in weak capacity of displacement that the Collective have mentioned in its Memo.


Concerning water, it is clearly admitted that two water sources feeding temporary and permanent streams are tributaries of the river Erve and the river Vegre. The project of quarry that would be at the head of the basin would seriously disturb the flow of these streams.


In the communiqué the Collective underlined the prefectural decision which is without reserve. The enquiry noticed the important mobilization of the people of Charnie : More than a referendum, the consultation of the population changed into a real plebiscite against the quarry. Not less than 155 people registered their opinion in writing to the mairie at Torce ; 2150 signatures were collected in protest to the quarry. Only one person was found to be in favour of the project with the proviso that all the rights of way should be preserved through the forest..It is to be noted that none of the supporters of the Abat project moved. Finally a mention for the GFLR who addressed the enquiry : their original aim is to preserve the trees and environment and not to destroy the forest !


The enquiry doubted the declared motivation for the deforestation. They wonder if the principal objective is in fact to satisfy a quarry industrial’s personal economical needs under the cover of the maintenance of the domain noticing that the existing quarry of Voutre can provide all their expressed needs. The GFLR has precisely 2 months from the date of the prefectural decision to lodge an appeal.
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